The Z2.2 USA Granite Edition

The USA Granite Edition Z2.2 Mechanical Personal Vaporizer is wonderfully crafted featuring a hand finished tactile treatment applied to high grade surgical steel. The quality of workmanship on this unit represents our personal best... from the Gold Plated switch contact to the dual adjustable solid copper atomizer connection pin we use only the finest materials available. 

Ironically, the Mandarin Lettering on the device proudly states "Made in USA" for all the world to see, which is our statement about the onslaught of imported goods in our industry. We are proud to state, nobody makes better Personal Vaporizes than the folks in the good old USA, and if we have to say it in a language they understand to the far east, then that is exactly what we will do.

This PV is an advanced user device available only in 18650 size and it's designed for use exclusively with the superior AW 18650 IMR battery. The tubes are not available separately. The first 50 Units will feature Gun Metal ZenKote™ knurled accents and after that, they will ship with Stainless Steel accents.

It goes without saying that the USA Granite is Z2 compatible. There will be Granite finished atomizer caps available for the Z2 Mini and Standard atomizers.

Speaking Engagements


Having Mike Morgan (Zen~) speak at your vaping related convention can add a great deal of value to the event and provide valuable educational opportunities to several of the core demographics of your audience. Mike can tailor some of the presentations to serve the needs of Vaping Enthusiasts, Vape Industry Retailers or a mixed audience, while several are for industry professionals only.

Available Topics include:

  • Rebuildble Atomizers for Beginners:
    This presentation can help absolute beginners understand this confusing area of the business. It can be targeted towards retailers or end-users and covers the basics of how to get get started in this rapidly growing market segment.
    Typical Presentation length: 1-1.5 Hrs.

  • Battery Safety for Beginners.
    Retailers and End-Users alike MUST learn this information and Mike presents it in a fun and non-scientific way. This class covers a difficult topic in a way that non-engineers can appreciate, and engineers have applauded.
    Typical Presentation length: 1hr

  • Innovation and Design - Bringing your product to market.
    This presentation is geared toward future and emerging manufacturers of products for this evolving marketplace. There's even something in it for people that have already begun their manufacturing journey. Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes made by manufacturing start-ups in MANY industries, including our own. This discussion walks entrepreneurs through the whole process starting with the idea, and following through to delivery.
    This can be tailored to be a 1hr or 2hr presentation.

  • Technology Trends - Spotting and making the most of trends before they emerge.
    Trends come and go, as a retailer are you making the most of the profitable industry mood swings? Mike discusses how to spot them, and how to leverage that market intelligence to scoop the competition.
    Typical Presentation length: 1hr

  • Competition in our industry - How to survive in an exploding market.
    We have all seen it before... a customer walks into your store, you teach him everything there is to know about the product and they open a store down the street. It's happening all over world as this market is expanding, but you can be the last man standing if you know and really understand a few basic rules of retail survival.
    Typical Presentation length: 1hr

  • Sales and Marketing - What a difference a brand makes!
    We all know the importance of branding, but few people ever seem to get their own brand off the ground. Mike discusses several methods of branding, but more importantly, he is able to convey how AND WHY it is so important to create instantly recognizable differentiation in this rapidly expanding market.
    Typical Presentation length: 1-1.5 Hrs.

Mike Morgan is a FUN, dynamic and highly regarded speaker that has taught break-out sessions and given presentations at several of the National Vape Meets including: Chicago VapeFest 2012, New YorkVape Fest 2013, Las Vegas Vape Fest 2013, Vapetoberfest 2013, Tampa VCCT 2014 and DC Vapefest 2014.  He is scheduled to appear at several other meets and events in 2014, a calender will posted once dates and times are confirmed.

Contact Dan Courtney at House of Hybrids to discuss fees.





They're not just for dripping anymore... Our mouthpieces are as functional as they are elegant. Standing high above your atomizer, these mouthpieces are designed to enhance your vaping experience by focusing the flavor right where it needs to go... the tip of your tongue!

These are made of Surgical Stainless Steel or wash-grade Delrin. Each mouthpiece is Sealed in a sterile pouch and then Sterilized in a certified autoclave before being shipped to you. Your mouthpiece is clean and sanitary the moment you remove from it's package for immediate use.

Available in Stainless Steel, Gun Metal ZenKote™, Rose Gold ZenKote™, Black Delrin and White Delrin.

Warranty Service Request Form

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Warranty Periods:
ZNA 30 Watt with Serial numbers BELOW 800: A Transferable Warranty for 1 Year from date of purchase, original receipt may be required.

ZNA 30 Watt with Serial numbers ABOVE 800: For the ORIGINAL PURCHASER a Non-Transferrable 1 Year Warranty. Original receipt WILL be required.

ZNA 30 Watt B-Stock: (Units will be marked with a "B" behind the Body tube) For the ORIGINAL PURCHASER a Non-Transferrable 180 Day Warranty. Original receipt will be required.

ZNA 20 Watt Perfection Vapes: 180 Days from Date of Purchase. Original receipt will be required.

ZNA 30 Steam Monkey Edition: 1 Year from date of purchase, original receipt will be required.

All Mechanical PVs: Lifetime

ZNA OUT OF WARRANTY SERVICE IS $70.00 Plus Shipping for all repairs. If a receipt is required and you cannot provide it, it will be considered out of warranty.

Parts NOT covered by warranty:
Glass Tanks
Gold Plated Contacts
Coatings and Finishes

IT IS IMPORTANT to send your ENTIRE DEVICE including the tube and connectors. It will ship best if you put it in the original box or tube. If you are sending an atomizer PLEASE CLEAN AND DRY IT THOROUGHLY before shipping.

Please print this page and send it with your broken device to:

House of Hybrids
42 Nichols St.
Suite 14
Spencerport, NY 14559

We would prefer that you NOT ship your item if you expect it to arrive on a Saturday... We are not there to receive it.  We are NOT responsible for items lost in shipping. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR PACKAGE CAN BE TRACKED!


Product Name

Serial Number (if any)

Date Purchased               

Dealer Name

Please describe the problem you are having in full detail below:








Return Address:

Your Name

Street Address 1

Street Address 2

City, State, Postal Code

Email Address

Phone Number



Phone Number

Good, you made it here, which means you read the instructions, so we can all agree that you are calling ONLY to deal with a customer service issue and no other reason and it's during the hours that we accept calls. (Monday - Friday, 1:00-6:30PM, Eastern Time)

Sorry to make you jump through hoops, but we've had the hours posted and people still call to ask about becoming a dealer and they also call on weekends. Let's not do that, ok?

SO... the phone number is:

(608) 561-VAPE




Thanks for your understanding!


Introducing the most versatile and customizable personal vaporizer ever made.

Building up from the popular Z2 system platform, the Z2.2 takes customization to the next level. You can design and build the PV of your dreams!

The Z2.2 Personal Vaporizer features the same exquisite machining that made the House of Hybrids famous and it ships with all the tools needed for adjustment and overhaul. Select your battery size and you're started... it's that simple... but it doesn't end there. The Z2.2 system lets you start slow, and pick up steam... There are literally hundreds of variations available!

The starter kit features our new improved switch and a fully adjustable Z2-510 connection to make it compatible with all the popular atomizers and output devices available. To turn it into a hybrid PV, simply remove the 510 adapter and thread on any of the wide range of Z2 threaded accessories on the market.

Amazing finishes and amazing materials:

Accessory Battery Tubes are available in Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Aluminum Graphite ZenKote™, Gun Metal ZenKote™, Gold ZenKote™, Rose Gold ZenKote™, Nickle Plated Brass, and many more the follow.

Matching Atomizer Top Caps are available in Stainless Steel, Gun Metal ZenKote™, Gold ZenKote™, Rose Gold ZenKote™, and many more the follow.

Matching Switch Buttons are available in Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Aluminum Graphite ZenKote™, Gun Metal ZenKote™, Gold ZenKote™, Rose Gold ZenKote™, Nickle Plated Aluminum, and many more the follow.

A wide variety of firing pins and contacts will soon be available.





Since January 16, 2014 this has been the most sought after PV in the industry. Featuring a unique blend of Art Deco Styling and advanced engineering, the ZNA is a powerful PV that delivers high performance in a package that screams simple elegance.

The ZNA Features the highly advanced EVOLV DNA30 engine to deliver 30 solid watts of vaping power. It is also available in limited quantities with the EVOLVE DNA20 engine in the Perfection Vapes ZNA20 Limited edition.

The Box/Tube Hybrid design is a new twist on PV design, melding the best of both formats into a single functional style. This design is compatible with ALL Z2 threaded toppers and can be configured using any of the readily available Z2 18490 and 18650 body tubes. For a small format, go with the included 18490 Tube and for Maximum battery life, amp it up with the optional 18650 tubes, available in many exciting colors.

The ZNA is designed exclusively for use with AW Nipple Top IMR BATTERIES. Other batteries may not fit.

Starting April 11, 2014 the ZNA will begin shipping with a fully adjustable 510 connector featuring solid copper contacts. Prior units can be upgraded for a small charge.

Features include:

Wattage Up and Down buttons with Power Lock... pushing both buttons will lock the wattage until the battery is changed or the lock is cleared.

Trigger Action Firing switch. This is the most comfortable firing switch on the market with a light tactile feel and wide range of comfortable firing positions.

Advanced Battery Monitoring... Monitors the battery condition to ensure the safest possible vaping experience.

1 Year limited warranty. Your new ZNA is guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects for one full year from the date of purchase. PROOF OF PURCHASE FROM AN AUTHORIZED DEALER IS REQUIRED. Our warranty repair service is the fastest in the business... most repairs ship back to the owner the same day they arrive in the shop. 

Digital Serial Number.

Screen Flip Mode (lefties need love too)

Five Click Firing Lock: Click if 5 times to pocket it... another 5 unlocks it.

Stealth Mode: Turns off the screen for invisible night time vaping.

Information Screen:: NO CRYPTIC MENUS!.... At a glance you can see the power setting, Voltage Output, Coil resistance and battery condition.



Zenesis Factory Outlet & Vapor Lounge

The Zenesis Factory Outlet & Vapor Lounge is a place for vape enthusiasts to visit and explore the facility where every genuine Zenesis Personal Vaporizer is designed, assembled and shipped to our distribution partners.

Visitors to the ZFO can enjoy a nice vape or specialty beverage in the lounge, while safely viewing live machining operations taking place in the House of Hybrids prototype shop. The vast majority of our machine operations are done at our nearby production facility, but we do occasionally run overflow production machining in this shop when we are on hard deadlines. 

If you vape, and are traveling through Rochester NY, a visit to the ZFO should be a nice diversion to your travel schedule. This is where Zen~ spends the vast majority of his time designing and overseeing the production and fulfillment of Zenesis PV's. Visitors are welcome to chat and visit when time permits.

The ZFO carries the full line of our products, including several that are available exclusively at the ZFO store. Here's your chance to own the rarest of the rare pvs that we manufacture in extremely limited quantities. We often have a supply of slightly imperfect "factory second" PVs and accessories for the budget minded vapers who enjoy saving from 30-50% off. We also carry T-Shirts and other assorted Zen~ merchandise. The ZFO is currently the ONLY brick and mortar location where Zens Private Stash eLiquid can be purchased, as well.

The Vapor Lounge features comfortable seating in a warm and inviting atmosphere surrounded by metal sculptures and artwork made by Zen~. We also have a coffee and beverage service area called "The Battery Rattle Cafe" featuring signature coffee drinks frothed up by Dan Courtney, the head of Human Resources for House of Hybrids, and occasionally Pies and Candies made by Stacie Fournier, the VP of Finance for the company... her chocolate covered pretzels are amazing, and you've never had almond bark this good... Food is available only at special events.

Visitors are welcome during our showroom business Noon - 7:00PM Monday through Friday and from Noon until 5:00PM on Saturdays. The ZFO is closed on Sunday. Occasionally you can visit at other times, but please do call in advance for an appointment if your schedule doesn't make it possible to stop by during our normal hours.


42 Nichols St, Suite 14
Spencerport, NY 14559

It is just off the 531 Expressway.  If you see the McDonalds near the Corner of Rt 259 and Rt 31 you are basically there. Head to the LEFT side (west) of the plaza and drive around behind the building. WE ARE BEHIND THE PLAZA ON THE LOWER LEVEL, DIRECTLY BELOW the Strong Urgent Care facility.

Where To Buy

The full line of House of Hybrids products are available On Line at, and at the following Physical Locations:



Full-Line Stocking Dealer
9184 Glades Rd.
Boca Raton, FL 33434
(561) 482-7000


Z2.2 Stocking Dealer
2940 Court St, Pekin, IL 61554
(309) 620-1359 (NO PHONE ORDERS, PLEASE)


Full-Line Stocking Dealer
3921 E. 14th Street
Des Moines, IA 50313
(515) 265-0004 (NO PHONE ORDERS, PLEASE)

Full-Line Stocking Dealer
4812 S.W. 9th Street
Des Moines, IA 50315
(515) 265-0004 (NO PHONE ORDERS, PLEASE)

Full-Line Stocking Dealer
3514 Merle Hay Rd.
Des Moines, IA 50311
(515) 265-0004 (NO PHONE ORDERS, PLEASE)


Full-Line Stocking Dealer
255 East 14 Mile Rd.
Clawson, MI 48017
(248) 850-0194


Coming Soon
Central Minnesota Vapor


Full-Line Stocking Dealer & Factory Seconds
42 Nichols St. Suite 14 (Behind the Plaza)
Spencerport, NY 14559

Z2.2 Stocking Dealer
2001 South Road
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Full-Line Stocking Dealer
5860 Transit Rd.
Depew, NY 14043
(716) 361-8075

Full-Line Stocking Dealer
1839 E Ridge Rd
Irondequoit, NY 14622
(585) 533-7023

Full-Line Stocking Dealer
2032 Lyell Avenue
Gates, NY 14606
(585) 533-7023

UNIQUE CIGS: Several Central NY Locations

545 92 St.
Bayridge, NY 11209
(516) 399-0606 X6 (NO PHONE ORDERS, PLEASE)

VAPE NEW YORK - Forest Hills
7232 Austin St
Forest Hills, NY 11375
(516) 399-0606 X4 (NO PHONE ORDERS, PLEASE)


VAPE NEW YORK - Manhattan

40 Rivington St
New York, NY 10002
(516) 399-0606 X5 (NO PHONE ORDERS, PLEASE)

108 Adee Street
Port Chester, NY 10573
(224) 377-9827 (NO PHONE ORDERS, PLEASE)

Coming Soon to the Philly area

8919 Suite 7 New Falls Rd
Levittown, PA 19054
(212) 253-6995

3690 Lehigh St.
Whitehall, PA 18052
(484) 350-3918


Z2.2 Stocking Dealer
291 Sam Ridley Pkwy E Suite 135
Smyrna, TN 37167


Full-Line Stocking Dealer
338 36th Street
Ogden, UT 84405
(801) 605-8715 (NO PHONE ORDERS, PLEASE)

Full-Line Stocking Dealer
729 North King Street
Suite 500
Layton, UT 84041
(801) 682-8079 (NO PHONE ORDERS, PLEASE)

Full-Line Stocking Dealer
MURRAY, UT 84107
(801) 268-1600 (NO PHONE ORDERS, PLEASE)


Limited Supply Available
4610 Evergreen Way, Suite 6
Everett, Wa 98203
(425) 257-1002





ZenKote™ Colors

ZenKotetm is a super-tough decorative and conductive nano-coating finish developed by House of Hybrids. Imagine having incredible beauty in a highly conductive finish but with a hardness greater than carbide! We start with a Stainless Steel substrate then run the part through a 7 step cleaning process to clean and sterilize it making it ready for the tough outer finish. Finally, The final finish step is to put our proprietary vapor deposition nanocoating on it to make it permanent and tougher than any PV finish available, it's tougher than Chrome!

 ZenKotetm is currently available in the following rugged finishes: 

  • GunMetal ZenKotetm: The depth and look of dark nickel, but as tough as nails.
  • Gold ZenKotetm: The look of 24K Gold but tougher than Titanium . Don't confuse this finish with Gold Plating... it's MUCH more than that!
  • Aluminum Graphite ZenKote™: Our first ZenKote™ designed exclusively for coating ALUMINUM! 
  • Rose Gold ZenKotetm All the luster of rich Rose Gold but with a wear resistance greater than carbide.
  • Carpathian Blue ZenKotetm: Available exclusively ay the Zenesis Factory Outlet Store and occasional Vape Meets. (Discontinued)
  • Sapphire ZenKotetm: A deep blue finish with incredible wear resistance. (Discontinued)



We will soon be selling to a limited number of upscale Brick and Mortar Vape shops.

It is not our intention to sell to everybody that wants to carry our products, nor is it wise to do so. If you feel your shop has the clientele that can appreciate the quality of our products, please feel free to apply to be one of our very exclusive dealers. 

To be a certified reseller of our products will require that your dealership already carries complimentary products and accessories and you cannot sell traditional tobacco products. We will make every effort to offer exclusivity in your immediate area, however, some cities can justify multiple locations and we will make that decision at our sole discretion. If your store is selected to be a Certified Reseller you will need to carry the full line of our products, and all associated repair and replacement parts as well as meet minimum monthly sales volume requirements which will be determined at the time of acceptance.

To apply, Please send an email with the following information:

1: Store Name

2: Store Address

3: Primary Contact Name

4: Years/Months in Business

5: Annual Sales Volume

6: Monthly Sales Volume of High End Vaping Products

7: List the Brands and Products you currently carry (Including Batteries and Chargers)

8: Number of Full Time Employees

9: Number of Part Time Employees

10: Website Address (If any)

Please include a minimum of three interior photos and one photo of the store exterior.

Your application will reviewed and we will contact you if we have any questions. Please allow us appropriate time to complete the process.

Please send your application email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and put DEALER APPLICATION in the subject line. ALL other emails will be deleted and not read.





Open Source Z2 Thread Specifications



You may freely use these thread specifications for your own personal devices without notification to us that you have done so. For the purpose of this use, "personal devices" is defined as being a device built for yourself and your own private use. Devices made for personal use may not be sold, traded or otherwise disposed of without prior notification to us, in writing. Authorization to transfer a device will not be unreasonably withheld.


You may make up to 5 Prototypes using these thread specifications without notification.

If you intend to produce a quantity of 6 or more devices you must first request permission if you intend to use the following terms: Z2 Spec., Z2 Specifications, Zenesis 2, Z2 Compatible, Zenesis Compatible, Zenesis 2 Compatible, or any other terms which may be confusingly similar for the purpose of marketing your devices or products without prior written consent from House of Hybrids, which will not be unreasonably withheld.

To receive permission for commercial use you must submit drawings, renderings and test parts to check for compatibility. Failure to do so will result in not being able to use the Z2 Identity in your marketing. 


We are putting these specifications out there so people can use them to make Z2 compatible devices and you are free to make as many as you like without compensating House of Hybrids in any way. The REASON for the above terms is so that you will let us know that you're doing it, and so we can make sure that everything fits properly. We also feel that using Z2 as a marketing tool can give you certain advantages in the market, and we would like to know that you're doing it correctly BEFORE selling your devices to the public. 






One of the most exciting aspects of the Zenesis System is that we have a wide range of highly-available replacement and upgrade parts so you can maintain or customize your Zenesis APV to suit your exact needs. NO OTHER COMPANY gives you more options!


Clear Mini Glass (Fits all Z-Attys, Zenesis Mini, BAM, Pchela, Cobalt, MFA, Brevis, Medius, Cinis, TI-Mini, TI-Andyman, ASH and ASH II)

Clear Standard Glass (Fits Zenesis Standard SS, TI Standard, TI Magnum and AYS)

Blue Mini Glass (Fits all Z-Attys, Zenesis Mini, BAM, Pchela, Cobalt, MFA, Brevis, Medius, Cinis, TI-Mini, TI-Andyman, ASH and ASH II)

Blue Standard Glass (Fits Zenesis Standard SS, TI Standard, TI Magnum and AYS)

Pyrex Colored Glass (Spectrum Glass Tanks)

Art Glass Tanks (Beadazzled)

Top Caps

Snug Fit (Fits ALL Rebuildables EXCEPT Sidewinder)

Laser Engraved Original (Fits ALL Rebuildables EXCEPT Sidewinder)

Z2 System Parts


Body Tube 18350

Body Tube 18490

Body Tube 18650


510 Adapter

Z2 Carto Tank

Z2 Mini Atty

Z2 Standard Atty


Body Tube 18350

Body Tube 18490

Body Tube 18650


Rebuild Kits and Screws

Atomizer Rebuild Kit - Stainless

Atomizer Rebuild Kit - Gold

Carto Tank Rebuild Kit - Gold

Switch Screw - BRASS

Switch Screw - Gold

Switch Spring - Stainless

Switch Spring - Gold


Pre-Rolled 400x400

Pre-Rolled 325x325

FC2000 Ceramic

FC2000Z Ceramic 


At this time, we do not sell extra switches for the Z2 system, However the folks at have produced a Z2 Specification switch which is a near exact copy of the original. These switches may be purchased HERE: (follow Link) in Limited Supply

Full Line of Rebuildable Supplies






The Photo above was forwarded to us recently and we decided to post it here in an attempt to convince people that batteries really can and really do explode when used improperly.

This photo is illustrating the end result of using the wrong battery in what we feel is a very unsafe manner. The practice of using unprotected Lithium Ion Batteries in combination with low resistance coils (below 1 ohm) is dangerous and potentially deadly. Using ANY battery with a sub-ohm coil is not advised at any time.

ALL house of hybrids devices are designed for use ONLY with the specified batteries... WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

The use of coils below 1 ohm is unsafe. 

Fortunately there were no serious injuries caused by the battery explosion in the above photo, but you may not be so lucky. If you intend to use your House of Hybrids PV with a load below 1 Ohm we highly suggest that you purchase a device from another manufacturer because we do not wish to be involved in your willingness to take such a risk.

Have fun, but please... VAPE SAFE!



Contact Us

House of Hybrids
42 Nichols St., Suite 14
Spencerport, NY 14559



Please Call ONLY for Warranty and Customer Service Issues.... and please do so during the hours stated below... this phone number goes directly to a cell phone and people frequently call in the middle of the night. Please don't do that.

Calls will be taken from 1:00 PM - 6:30PM EASTERN TIME and NO CALLS WILL BE ANSWERED on the weekend.  Please do not call "just to leave a message". We do not return calls.


Now that you have read the instructions, CLICK HERE to get our phone number, Thanks!

The Factory Outlet Store is open M-F Noon to 7:00PM and Noon to 5:00PM Saturdays.

Vapes Like Art ~ Dem Bonez

Vapes Like Art ~ Fabric Of Life

Vapes Like Art ~ Cosmic Debris

Vapes Like Art ~ Phish Guy

Vapes Like Art ~ Mandala

Vapes Like Art ~ Hope And Change